May 3, 2022

The Threat Inside With Shawnee Delaney

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

In this episode, Ron and Chris highlight a human problem that affects every company and organization in the world – Insider Threat. Shawnee Delaney, an Insider Threat expert, cybersecurity consultant and CEO of Vaillance Group, joins the guys to provide her expertise on the topic and shares real life examples of treason and espionage. In this episode Shawnee explores:

  • The intersection of empathy and espionage
  • Motivations and vulnerabilities
  • The importance of insider threat programs
  • Protecting your trade secrets
  • Investing in your people, and more! 


Guest Bio:

Shawnee Delaney is an Insider Threat expert, cybersecurity consultant, and CEO of Vaillance Group - based in Washington, DC. She is a decorated intelligence officer and a licensed private investor who has spent part of her career within the Defense Intelligence Agency as a Clandestine Officer conducting Human Intelligence operations around the world. She has also supported the Department of Homeland Security, defending critical infrastructure and industrial control systems within the U.S. Her combat tours, field experience, and consulting with top Fortune 500 Companies has provided the foundation for the curriculum she offers in her Insider Threat training programs. A sought-after public speaker, Ms. Delaney shares her extensive knowledge of Insider Threats to protect clients’ assets, people, and confidential information and to educate groups about the harm that comes from both malicious and unintentional threats.



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