May 18, 2021

Hacker Valley Blue S2 Episode 5 - Jamie Dicken and Aaron Rinehart

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

In this episode, we brought in two exceptional guests that are no stranger to chaos. In fact, they've identified ways to engineer for chaos. In the studio, we have Aaron Rinehart, CTO, and founder at Verica. We also have Jamie Dicken, former manager of applied security at Cardinal Health and current director at Resilience. These two are also authors of Security Chaos Engineering. If you haven't read that book it's already out, you should check it out. 

Chaos engineering is the technique of introducing turbulent conditions into a distributed system to try to determine the conditions that cause it to fail before it actually fails. So they simplify it. What we do with chaos engineering is learn about the system without experiencing the pain of an outage or an incident. You learn to trust your gear by testing.

The biggest impact really came once we understood how security chaos engineering fits into the bigger security picture. It's not about just being a part of the latest and greatest techniques and having the excitement of doing something that's cutting edge, but security chaos engineering at the end of the day. It's useless unless what you've learned drives change. 


Key Takeaways:

0:00 Previously on the show

1:40 Aaron Rinehart and Jamie Dixon introduction 

2:08 Episode begins

2:59 What Jamie and Aaron are doing today

3:13 What Jamie is doing

4:13 What Aaron is doing

5:00 Discuss chaos engineering

9:26 Importance of chaos engineering

10:16 Myths of chaos engineering

12:55 Chaos engineering customer impacts

17:34 Learning to trust the test and end result

19:03 Reader and customer feedback

22:21 Chaos engineering gone wrong

27:39 Implementing change in cybersecurity

28:11 Building a team of experts

39:08 Getting involved in chaos engineering 

41:09 Tools for listeners

43:25 Keeping up with Aaron and Jamie



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