August 24, 2020

Episode 82 - What is Old is New Again with Brian Romansky

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

Hosts Ron and Chris welcome you to today’s episode! This episode of Hacker Valley Studio features Brian Romansky, the Chief Innovation Officer at Owl Cyber Defense. You will hear about his ideas, inventions, and how hardware is helping us in cybersecurity today.


The episode begins with Brian sharing his background, and journey into the cybersecurity space. He always knew he wanted to do something with technology and thought he may go into robotics. The transition into the cyber world was a natural one when he was working on a team that was moving mechanical postage metering to happen electronically. These machines were often trying to be hacked, and the team also began working on e-commerce and shipping platforms. From then, he continued to work on cybersecurity, data, and cryptography.


Today, at Owl Cyber Defense Brian works on cross domain solutions for the US Department of Defense, and other government organizations, as well as commercial customers. It gets him up in the morning because it combines many of the electrical and cryptography space that interests him, with hardware. His hope for the future, is that there is a paradigm shift in cybersecurity, making it less of a cat and mouse game by using hardware enforced mechanisms.


He doesn’t have a lot of free time, but as the episode wraps up, you will also hear about what Brian is interested in, and working on outside of work.


:29 CIO of Owl Cyber Defense, Brian Romansky is introduced to the show.

4:33 Brian shares his journey from electrical engineering to cybersecurity.

6:25 Brian explains the work he does today.

14:16 Brian hypothosizes on the future of cybersecurity

16:58 Brian answers the question “Is there an unhackable system?”

19:55 Advice for organizations relying more on technology during work from home.

27:48 What does Brian do outside of work?



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