February 15, 2022

Episode 199 - Sharing The Mic with Camille Stewart

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

In this episode, Ron and Chris are joined by Camille Stewart, the Global Head of Product Security Strategy at Google and Co-Founder of Share The Mic. The trio have an honest conversation about advocacy and representation in cybersecurity, the story behind Camille’s Share The Mic social movement, how we can begin to move in the right direction, and how culture shapes the way we interact with technology. Lastly, Chris talks about Hacker Valley’s stance on representation – from award nominations to our greatest loss in listenership history.  


Key Takeaways:

02:47  Bio

05:43  Advocacy - it’s in my DNA

07:16  Giving a voice to the underrepresented

08:54  “Share The Mic” 

12:28  The state of diversity in cybersecurity

14:28  Achieving a better tomorrow

18:94  How do we bridge the opportunities gap?

20:13  The intersection of culture and technology

22:45  Who is Camille Stewart?

26:00  The dark side of speaking up

28:53  This is a mission critical issue

30:12  Stay in touch with Camille!


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