February 1, 2022

Episode 197 - Leading Your Tribe with Simone Knego

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

In this week’s episode, Ron and Chris are joined by speaker, entrepreneur, mother of six and the best-selling author of The Extraordinary UnOrdinary You, Simone Knego. The trio explore the highs and lows of parenting, while attempting to manage it all – and then some! Simone shares how believing in herself was the secret sauce behind writing a book and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, why patience truly is a virtue, and how a positive mindset can help get you through even the toughest of days. Lastly, soon-to-be-married Ron Eddings, gets advice on marriage and building a family. 

Key takeaways:

02:33  Bio

04:01  Staying humble

05:11  Positive role modeling 

07:43  Raising a multi cultural family

09:10  Trying to manage it all

10:57  The book - sharing her story

13:35  Believing in yourself

15:29  Patience is a virtue

18:47  Mindset and daily affirmations

22:21  Social media and “mom guilt”

24:21  Advice for the soon-to-be married, Ron

26:50  Self-care and honoring your family

28:46  Stay in touch with Simone!


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