November 16, 2021

Episode 188 - Making Friends, Spies, and Traitors with James Lawler

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

James Lawler serves as a national security consultant and is the Senior Partner at MDO Group, which provides Human Intelligence training to the Intelligence Community and the commercial sector focused on WMD, CI, technical and cyber issues.  Mr. Lawler is a noted speaker on the Insider Threat in government and industry. Prior to this, Mr. Lawler served for 25 years as a CIA operations officer in various international posts and as Chief of the Counterproliferation Division's Special Activities Unit.  Join Chris, Ron and James for a riveting audio journey through stories and experiences from the inside of the C.I.A.


Key Takeaways:

03:07 Bio

04:10 Finding a job after school – the CIA comes to campus

05:40 Clandestine Service

09:55 Can you start in two weeks?

12:40 A sociopath within lanes (laws)

14:00 Betraying company over country

17:37 Intensifying friendship development

19:54 Can you betray your country for $1k?

20:52 Why do people turn down a pitch?

27:53 Receiving overwhelming classified information

36:10 Book

40:05 Take away from Mr. Lawler



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