November 2, 2021

Episode 181 - The Calling of Cyber with Jerich Beason

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

Jerich Beason, SVP & CISO at Epiq, joins Chris and Ron to talk passion, purpose and how that plays a part in cyber. Jerich sits on panels, speaks at conferences and events & contributes to white papers and security articles. He also serves as a Board advisor to security startups. Jerich is currently the host of Epiq’s podcast, Cyberside Chats which has the mission of increasing knowledge and awareness of cybersecurity within the legal industry.


Key Takeaways:


02:50 Bio

03:48 Choosing an education in cyber

05:00 Origin story – why cyber?

09:58 Jerich touches on why some cyber veterans are discouraging newcomers

12:26 Inspiring the future generation

15:20 Talking passion & calling

17:17 A day in the life of Jerich

20:10 Avoiding burnout & fulfilling purpose

23:15 Zero-Trust

26:34 The future in security program building




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