October 5, 2021

Episode 173 - Laughing your Cyber Off with Ian Murphy

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

This week, join Ron and Chris as they sit down for a raw conversation with Ian Murphy. Ian is a game-changing pioneer in cyber training resourcing, adding spice to a dull, outdated training market. His company, CyberOff, is the “antidote for dull cyber training.” The three dive deep into topics like comedy, creating and sourcing content, being vulnerable and the reason for it all.


Key Takeaways:


02:44 This is Rock n’ Roll

 03:04 Bio

4:00 Content- where does it originate?

06:43 What is it like to be an entrepreneur in cyber?

08:20 Where does Ian draw the line?

11:55 What makes comedy? Chris and Ian deliberate

15:36 Working on vulnerability

17:23 Ian’s approach- Where did we go wrong in teaching?

20:31 The end goal

23:35 The most “popular” form 

28:09 Ian’s inspiration



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