September 28, 2021

Episode 171 - Resilient Mindset with Chris Hughes

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

Chris Hughes is the CISO and Co-Founder of Aquia and has nearly 20 years of Cyber/IT experience. He's an Air Force veteran as well as former Government civil service employee with the U.S. Navy and FedRAMP. Chris also teaches in two M.S. Cyber Programs at Capitol Technology University and UMGC. Chris is passionate about Cloud Security and is active with the Cloud Security Alliance and Cloud Native Computing Foundation and he also hosts a podcast called "Resilient Cyber".

Key Takeaways:

02:52 Bio

04:24 What motivates Chris?

06:03 Time management

07:24 Failing up – lessons learned

09:09 Habits and mindset

10:59 Chris’ podcast – Resilient Cyber

13:09 Branding & persona – using your vulnerability

15:07 Using your network

19:06 Stop waiting and start working harder

20:40 Maintaining authenticity

22:22 Input vs. Output

25:13 Talking Legacy

28:12 Being resilient

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