September 9, 2021

Episode 168 - Asking the Right Cybersecurity Questions with Ganesh Pai

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

Hacker Valley's Hosts, Ron and Chris are speaking with Ganesh Pai, the CEO and founder of Uptycs. What is it like to be an entrepreneur in the Cybersecurity field? While learning how Ganesh started Uptycs, learn of the techniques that he uses, such as asking the right questions and using different systems to further understand security software.

Key Takeaways:

01:42 Introducing Ganesh Pai. 

02:30 Learning Ganesh's Background and his journey in entrepreneurship.

06:20 The Query System. 

07:00 What is your professional Superpower? What time was that Evident? 

07:1 Understanding the technology, working and interacting with others in the field. 

10:45 Proactive and Reactive security. 

12:00 How to ask the right questions. 

14:10 Where does artificial intelligence play a part in Cyber Security.

19:00 Challenges Ganesh has faced in the workplace during COVID and the challenges and changes it poses.

20:20 Adapting to the evolving businesses and communities in a changing environment. 

24:00 Helpful Habits 

27:11 Last Advice

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