August 31, 2021

Episode 166 - There is No Skills Gap with Andy Ellis

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

Hosts Ron and Chris interview Andy Ellis, CISO for over two decades that recently started a startup. He is an operating partner at YL Ventures. Andy shares his perspective on whether there is really a skills gap or are we approaching this problem the wrong way?


0:57 – Intro 

2:19 – Bio

3:12 – Andy’s personality that puts him in unique situations to win awards 

4:29 – What other kind of things Andy experienced hacking in besides macro things

5:57 – The number one hack Andy did that spanned for a decade in his career

7:13 – Was Andy originally hired to do security for companies?

8:29 – Why Andy says there is no talent shortage

12:11 – If everyone started to go into security engineering team, would there be a gap to fill roles?

13:09 – Where did CISOS, managers, and recruiters go wrong in looking for security professionals?

19:55 – Andy’s number one tenet for leadership

22:42 –Andy’s philosophies on keeping the talent after investing on training programs, and having skills that can be used on other areas

24:49 – In what ways Andy is passing down knowledge

27:14 – Advice on the leadership journey that Andy gives to listeners

28::10 – Best ways to keep up with Andy


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