Episode 165 - Living Your Values with Dean Sysman

August 26, 2021 Hacker Valley Studio


Show Notes

On this episode, Hacker Valley Studio has a very big announcement! Hosts Ron and Chris interview guest Dean Sysman, CEO and co-founder of Axonius. 

The values, and founder story of Dean are shared as Ron and Chris ask him very interesting questions. Dean started his journey years ago with a passion on how technology could impact the world. He has also brought many values to Axonius, helping people through growth to become a better version of themselves.

Dean shares how he figured that the determining factor of success was realizing the problem that the organization needs to solve, and focusing on the customer’s experience.


0:21 – Intro 

1:53 – Bio

3:24 – Ron and Chris talk about their role in Axonius and Dean Sysman shares the value he saw in them

7:26 – Dean’s founder story in Axonius

13:01 – The values that Dean has brought to Axonius and people’s lives

16:42 – Dean’s turning point where he could no longer go back from where he was

23:31 – Why Dean wants Ron and Chris to be the voice of Axonius

26:01 – Who are Dean’s inspiration for growth?

29:38 – What advice does Dean have to those that are looking for growth?

31:42 – How to stay up-to-date with Dean and all the great things at Axonius


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Dean Sysman: Axonius Website | E-mail 

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