August 24, 2021

Episode 164 - Demystifying Product Innovation with Erik Goldman

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

Hosts Ron and Chris interview guest Erik Goldman, VP of Product at Panther Labs, a software engineer, expert in product and an entrepreneur. 

Erik is great at asking questions, that is one of his superpowers. One of his strategies to build a product is to sit down with customers, ask them what they want him to do, deeply understand their persona, and gather data.

Erik builds his thesis for success, and knows how to distinguish a good company from a great company by analyzing which one has a philosophy that goes beyond the software.

Erik offers advice for listeners on how to operate better on their company.


1:03 - Intro

2:37 – Bio

6:18 – The difference between building a product and building a business

7:18 – What are Erik’s strengths based on his past experiences

9:20 – How Erik stays away from tinkering with the code, and more of the technical aspects

11:48 – Erik’s power of understanding the concepts by asking questions

13:19 – The difference between a good company and a great company

15:20 – What Erik thinks about the future of technology and the cyber security of the future

19:30 – Erik’s thoughts about automating security operation

26:07 – Erik’s advice for listeners to operate better in their company’s environment

27:50 – How to stay up to date with Panther Labs.


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