August 17, 2021

Episode 163 - A Blueprint for Learning Cyber with Keith Wilson

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

Hosts Ron and Chris interview guest Keith Wilson, director of cyber security education at Attack IQ Academy. Keith is the perfect example on how to take years of experience in engineering and analysis, and turn it into something that is impactful for all people. Keith has created educational content for people in the industry and different types of learners. His trajectory is filled with success stories, and also invites people who want to get into cyber security. 


1:11 - Intro

3:03 – Bio

6:13 – How Keith’s fascination with education started

9:09 – Blueprint for education: concepts, the structure of classes, and activities

12:33 – The approach to different types of learners 

15:21 – Discussion about students who want to get into cyber security or transition into another aspect of it

16:51 – Keith’s creative process for building new content and sharing information

20:51 – Success story of when education is done right

22:41 – Advice to listeners about putting out educational content 

24:16 – How to stay up to date with Keith and Attack Academy IQ


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