August 10, 2021

Episode 162 - Security in Space with Frank Pound

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

What do you call cyberspace in space? What is the evolution of cyber security in space?

The expert Frank Pound, computer scientist, entrepreneur, founder and president of Astro Sec is the guest to clarify all things related to cyberspace. Space traffic control is discussed. Frank advised the Air Force, Space Force, and their contractors to help build the Hack-A-Sat competition which attracted teams from around the world to demonstrate their prowess in this blended space and cyber competition challenging them in everything from orbital dynamics to radio communications.


1:00 – Intro 

2:10 – Bio Frank Pound

11:10 - Frank Pound talks about the democratization of technology 

12:03 – The explosion of IOTs on the market, sensors, and rapid advancements on space launch 

12:54 – The open-source hardware movement

18:04 – General excitement about space in 2019 and investment in safety

20:56 – Potential for a cascading effect making space travel impossible 

23:37 – Frank Pound talks about safety measures

24:50 – A summary of Hack-A-Sat’s latest works

27:22 – Alternatives to cyber security and safety in space 

37:00 – Frank answers the question on how to do missions in space

40:16 – How to find out more about Frank Pound and Hack-A-Sat’s competition, interviews and resources 


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