May 25, 2021

Episode 147 - Learning Cybersecurity Until You Get It Right with John Strand

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

In this episode, we brought back fan-favorite, John Strand.  He is owner of Black Hills Information Security, a SANS instructor, and a mentor to many in the industry. 

Johns starts the show sharing a little bit about his background and what he is doing today.

Ron and Chris dive a little bit deeper into John’s earlier life asking what his personal superpower, personal or professional, and when did that power really came about in his life?

John shares his experiences with failure, which he feels are key to where he is at today.  How everyone needs to get comfortable with struggles, failures and hardships.  On top of that, one needs to be able to laugh at themself.  


Key Takeaways


1:02 Back with fan favorite John Strand

2:21 John shares his background

3:38 John’s superpower

5:51 Going through the grind to learn

8:30 Partnerships

11:44 Getting a head start

14:58 The entertainment factor

16:36 Journey through being an instructor

19:35 Pay what you can concept

25:53 Education systems

29:18 Advice from John



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