April 28, 2021

Enterprise Security Architecture: A $110b Case Study w/ John Petrie

by Cyber Ranch

Show Notes

With us today is John Petrie, Counselor to the NTT Global CISO. He is responsible for managing the growing internal security challenges for the NTT operating companies across the globe. Retired in 1996 from the Marines John began his career in multiple security positions. He shares that his major responsibility of today is creating the enterprise security architecture (“ESA”) for NTT. Allan used to work for NTT DATA Services, and shares that John is working for the ultimate parent company of the NTT global conglomerate – a full 3 companies of inheritance between John’s company and Allan’s former company. John shares just how big NTT really is throughout 180 countries. Altogether there are 986 companies worldwide, generating over $110 billion in revenue each year. NTT is #62 on the Global Fortune 500. John shares the full gamut of what an enterprise security architecture really is, how important it is and what it does. There are nine principles to building his ESA, and John outlines them while acknowledging that it is different for every company. Nowadays, the systems designed are for mobility, usability, management, and innovation around the core. Simplicity and resilience are a must! Further on down the show, Allan and John discuss the 3-year cycle of both technology and business planning, and that not everything is a “one size fits all”. In addition, they talk about mixing and matching popular ESA models, and what that means to the framework. There is a bit of discussion surrounding what it means to “have a seat at the table” as an information security executive. Everyone needs to be on the same page, to have business buy-in and to create strong business relationships. Security is one of those business voices, and everyone is in it together. In closing, Allan and John talk about how the focus is not only on technology but on governance and training to get ready for implementation. Along with this, there are fundamental strategic decisions to be made, but ultimately on the large scale it is all about execution and governance. Key Takeaways: 0:24 Introduction of John Petrie 1:27 How John broke into cyber and how his job looks today 3:08 We get the lo-down on how big NTT really is 4:55 Everything you need to know about ESA 6:46 John shares the 9 principles that provide a foundation for his ESA 6:55 “Aligned Independence” 7:44 “Standards-Based” 7:53 “Manage the Risk” 8:15 “Platform-Based Architecture” 9:49 “Design for Mobility and Usability” 10:00 “Innovate Around ‘The Core’” 10:32 “Simplicity and Resilience” 10:36 Global Remote Work at nearly 100% 11:30 “Supporting Digital Transformation & Strategic Plan” 13:04 Allan and John discuss 1-, 3-, and 5-year cycles 14:40 Not everything is one size fits all 17:02 Length of the process John is currently in 19:15 What occurs during this process 20:44 John shares the plan goal 22:33 The one directive from their CEO 24:16 Fundamental strategic decision 26:41 The large scale 27:31 The key takeaway from this entire discussion according to John Links: Learn more about John on LinkedIn Follow Allan Alford on LinkedIn and Twitter Learn more about Hacker Valley Studio and The Cyber Ranch Podcast Sponsored by our good friends at Axonius