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Welcome to Hacker Valley Blue Season 2 “Know Thyself”. Instead of focusing on the enemy – threat intelligence and environment, we are focusing on knowing yourself and security stack. You need to know the business, but also the fundamentals of security landscape. Without the fundamentals, you cannot reach the level of success you desire. Getting laser sharp on computer networks and how computers speak to each other. Without understanding how each of the pieces work together, you cannot make strategic decisions. We have many guests this season that will teach more about the fundamentals. Stop ignoring the fundamentals and find synchronicity among your team. Building this team makes an impact for the business. You will have positive outcomes. Stop sweeping the issues under the rug to make better decisions.

Cybersecurity is a lot like playing a game of chess using pieces, policies, and guidelines.  Opponents use the same things but don’t play by the rules.  You continually must up your game and face the opponent who isn’t playing fairly. 

Knowing business, team, story and self is so important and that is what is coming up on the rest of the season.  


Key Takeaways


0:00 Welcome

2:00 Kick-off

3:13 The fundamentals

5:46 How do you get people excited?

7:07 Making an impact on a business

8:43 Where does one begin to know thyself

10:32 Formula 1 analogy

12:32 Leadership

16:00 Superpowers

19:38 Three Rs of memory

24:58 Chaos engineering

27:56 The brother’s trip

30:11 Stepping into unknown

31:15 Play at work

32:00 Season recap




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Chris Cochran

Chris Cochran

Cybersecurity is not technology centric, in my opinion. It is human centric. I am driven by my duty to not only protect people, but enlist and inspire the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

Ronald Eddings

Ronald Eddings

The pursuit of knowledge always leads to something, so be open to whatever that is. It could be becoming the best, but it’s going to lead something and it’s most likely going to be a positive impact on your life.

Allan Alford

Allan Alford

It's not enough to be knowledgeable and skilled. Without passion you might as well be doing something else. Surround yourself with people who are passionate about what they do and the rest will come together.

CJ Howard

CJ Howard

Learning and listening allows you to access new perspectives and frames of mind. I believe that information is meant to be shared generously, but understanding without compassion is like a map without a legend.

Hacker Valley Blue Season 2 Finale