November 10, 2021

On Being Champions of Allyship and Representation

by We Are Here

Show Notes

On this episode of We Are Here, Ron and Chris join Dave Zawdie and Nina Padavil, two champion's of allyship and representation. The group dives deep into what that really means and how we can use the past to change the future for the good of the industry and its people. 


Key Takeaways:

01:54: Nina – Bio

03:36 David – Bio

05:25 Role models and influencers

11:24 How can the majority help the minority in the future?

14:33 Mentoring and impacting the future

17:38 Setbacks and advice for a discouraged cyber security professional

20:26 Committing to being an ally to another

22:52 The future of DE&I and how we contribute 

25:14 Get in touch


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