February 25, 2022

Freedom to Succeed: A 2022 BHM Special Feature

by We Are Here

Show Notes

Many of us have gone through Black History Month this year, reflecting on those that have come before us. The ones that put it on the line to give us knowledge, inspiration and empowerment for our lives. Chris and Ron speak often about their favorite icons Booker T Washington, Maya Angelou, Muhammad Ali, Oprah, and Barack Obama and how they how inspired them to highlight others. Today someone wanted to highlight Ron and Chris in a similar fashion.

It all began a few months ago when Chris wrote a LinkedIn post about the Hacker Valley journey. This post caught the eye and captured the heart of Emily Van Norden of CrowdStrike the presenting sponsor for this special episode.  She takes the guest host chair with dear friend and Hacker Valley veteran, Charles Nwatu, to ask Chris and Ron questions about their journeys with the podcast and media company.

Thank you to CrowdStrike for your continued partnership, thank you to Emily and Charles, and huge thank you to YOU the listener. We hope you enjoy.


02:41 Introducing Emily and Charles

09:27 Fighting to Belong

11:27 Performers and Guides

13:00 Excellence in all that you do

13:59 Permission to be Great

15:33 Mastery is a Pursuit not a Destination

21:01 Valuing your Own Story

23:06 The Scary Part of Success

28:34 The Future of Hacker Valley


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Freedom to Succeed: A 2022 BHM Special Feature

February 25, 2022 We Are Here