October 17, 2021

Building Community Through Dedication with Congresswoman Yvette Clarke

by We Are Here

Show Notes

In part three of this series, Ron and Chris interview Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, serving as the U.S. Representative for New York's 9th congressional district since 2013. 

Congresswoman Clarke’s parents immigrated to Brooklyn, New York in the 1950s from Jamaica. Being born from immigrant parents and witnessing the transformation of the country during the civil rights movement helped shape her worldview. Congresswoman Clarke mentions that the nurture from her family and community sparked her interest in public service at an early age. Congresswoman Clarke recalls being a child and looking up to her pediatrician, Dr. Thompson. Congresswoman Clarke could see herself being like Dr. Thompson and that led her to pursue her interests in STEM in grade school and college. When Congresswoman Clarke went away to college she made a commitment to come back to Brooklyn and use her education to help others

As the episode progresses, Congresswoman Clarke mentions her parents were engaged in the community out of necessity. They wanted to be able to navigate the United States and create community for her and her brother. Congresswoman Clarke’s mother started her community outreach at Parent Teacher Association meetings and was encouraged to run for political office after some time. In fact, Congresswoman Clarke became the first and only child to succeed a parent in political office. 

Congresswoman Clarke describes community as essential and building communities is done through education. Digital transformation has enabled all generations to collaborate on common causes that they previously wouldn’t have had the opportunity to. An example that Congresswoman Clarke provides is narrowing the education gap for children of color. Through technology, parents have been working with government agencies and private organizations to provide more resources to schools in need.  


Impactful Moments:

0:00 - Hacker Valley Studio presents We Are Here Pt 3

0:52 - Congresswoman Yvette Clarke on Hacker Valley Studio!

1:56 - Early life and how Congresswoman Clarke made it into office

3:38 - What inspired Congresswoman Clarke to help others

7:21 - Surprises while in office and servicing the public

13:35 - Congresswoman Clarke’s story of perseverance

16:36 - The importance of community and how to influence yours

24:40 - Education and mentorship

27:51 - Using technology to course correct and amplify your voice

31:59 - Sage wisdom for embarking on your personal journey



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