March 7, 2022

The Great Compliance Debate

by To Comply or Not To Comply

Show Notes

It’s no secret that compliance can suck sometimes. Some see compliance as something to be upheld, while others see it as a tedious obstacle. In this episode, AJ brings two opposing sides, Chris and Rowan, to the table to discuss their stance on the matter. Join them as they explore questions such as: What are the challenges with Soc 2? Where do the problems really lie? How do we make compliance suck less?


Guest Bios: Rowan Troy is a Senior Cyber Security Consultant at Littlefish (UK) Ltd.  Chris Roberts is currently serving as a vCISO or advisor for a number of entities and organizations around the globe. His most recent projects are focused within the threat intelligence, identity, cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, and services space.

Links: Stay in touch with Rowan Troy on LinkedIn Stay in touch with Chris Roberts on LinkedIn To Comply or Not To Comply: Website | AJ

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