March 21, 2022

Sourcing Diverse Talent and Minds with Chandler Malone

by To Comply or Not To Comply

Show Notes

With a looming skills/people gap in cybersecurity and technology growing at an alarming rate, we need cybersecurity professionals now more than ever before. As cyber threats become increasingly complex, the need for diverse minds and talent is a mission critical issue. In this episode, AJ is joined by Chandler Malone to talk about the state of diversity in cyber – or lack thereof, and the highs and lows of being startup founders in the space.


Guest Bio:

Chandler Malone is a three time entrepreneur who is now building Bootup and investing in early stage companies through Atento Capital. His journey began as a college student, building an events business that hosted shows for Billboard top 10 artists including the Chainsmokers before launching his first software company, The Moves, which he exited in 2019. Chandler has a passion for helping underrepresented entrepreneurs and using technology to improve quality of life. Chandler serves as an Investor in Residence at Washington University in St. Louis and a board member at Urban Coders Guild.

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