January 11, 2022

Responding To Cyber Incidents With Jerich Beason

by To Comply or Not To Comply

Show Notes

In this episode of To Comply Or Not To Comply, AJ is joined by friend, ByteChek Board Advisor, Senior VP & CISO at Epiq, Jerich Beason. The two share their thoughts on preparing for a crisis, how to leverage your confidence and muscle memory in the heat of decision making, and why communication is so vital when handling an incident. Furthermore, Jerich dives into the roles and responsibilities of a security leader and the importance of empathy and saying ‘thank you!’ Lastly, AJ and Jerich reflect on what security compliance is, why we are getting it wrong, and what it could become.


Key Takeaways:

01:20  Bio

03:50  Courage and confidence in decision making

06:42  Reacting to a crisis

09:35  Communication is key

13:24  Staying prepared

19:46  Tips for leaders - saying "thank you!"

24:26  Compliance and celebrity vulnerabilities

30:47  Stop saying SOC 2 compliant!

35:17  Drowning in info, but starving for knowledge



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