February 21, 2022

Internships and Entry-Level Hiring With Naomi Buckwalter

by To Comply or Not To Comply

Show Notes

In this episode, AJ is joined by friend and Director of Information Security and IT at Beam Technologies, Naomi Buckwalter. The two sit down to have a refreshing conversation about internships and entry-level hiring in InfoSec. Naomi shares the story behind her opera singing intern that became a rockstar cybersecurity analyst and why she thinks there are many more folks like this out there. AJ opens up about ByteChek’s commitment to entry-level hiring and reflects on amazing things that can happen when you give people a chance.


Key Takeaways:

01:53  Bio

05:10  Hiring entry-level in InfoSec 

07:49  The opera singing intern

12:44  ByteChek’s commitment 

13:55  Cybersecurity is very teachable!

16:44  Self reflection - hiring tips


Links: Stay in touch with Naomi Buckwalter on LinkedIn To Comply or Not To Comply: Website | AJ

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