13 Realms

Part NFT Fiction. Part Interview. A completely fantastical new world to explore

Welcome to the official podcast of the Kingdom of Dwarves NFT project. Gather around as we share stories from the 13 Realms of the Kingdom of Dwarves. After the tale, hear from creators and artists both inside and outside the project. Pull up a chair and get comfortable, the story begins now...

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April 26, 2022

Worth a Thousand Words with Patrick WIlliams

by 13 Realms

Another Chapter, another interview!   This time we have world-renown painter, writer, and TED speaker Patrick Williams to take us through his origin story and how paint changed his life.   Learn more ...

April 14, 2022

Building a Kingdom with Tim Cove

by 13 Realms

Can I have your attention please? Everyone... we have Tim Cove AKA Yetigoose the writer of the Kingdom of Dwarves lore in the studio today. He takes us through his background and process as a writer. ...

March 24, 2022

From Emmys to NFTs with Jose Limon

by 13 Realms

We are back in the 13 realms with the man that made dwarves even cooler than they already were Jose Limon AKA Citriks, who works in the VFX industry as a digital sculptor and 3D modeler. Tune in to he...