November 18, 2021

Why NFTs and Blockchain Technologies will Change Art, Economics, and the World

by Metaversable

Show Notes

Ron and Chris sit down to talk about what they have learned about the metaverse, crypto, and other blockchain technologies since they started working on the Metaversable project.


01:12 Our Origin Story in the Metaverse

05:50 Do your research

06:50 Why is Chris so excited about NFTs?

07:26 Digital Ownership

07:50 Smart Contracts and Art

09:10 NFT Business Implications

10:10 Logic In Contracting

10:48 Decentralization

13:17 Ready Player One

18:00 Comparing The Metaverse to Cyber

19:08 AI and the Metaverse

20:44 Composability is a game

24:00 NFTs in the real world

26:00 The Artist’s Experience

27:25 It's not too late


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