October 11, 2021

NFT Scams, Security, and Simona

by Metaversable

Show Notes

In this episode, Ron and Chris speak with security expert and artist @simonartonline about scams in the NFT space and how to stay safe in the Metaverse. NOTICE: We are not financial advisors and are not endorsing any investments whatsoever.


1:24: Simona’s journey into the Metaverse

2:54: What to watch out for when navigating the space

4:26: Phishing tactics and scams 

7:52: What is “rugging” and how do we protect ourselves?

14:18: Simona’s passion for art - how it brought her into the NFT world

19:00: Simona’s book and how to do this journey in a secure way

21:09: Getting comfortable within the NFT community

24:29: Hopes for a safer, more secure future


Simona's Twitter

Simona's Instagram

Introduction to Cybersecurity for NFT artists and collectors - First Edition



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