January 28, 2022

Marketing in the Metaverse

by Metaversable

Show Notes

In this week’s episode, Ron and Chris are joined by Kayla, a Digital Marketing Manager focused on empowering creators and collectors on the Solana Blockchain. Kay educates the guys on Web2 Vs. Web3 marketing practices, why building a community is an essential marketing tool and how she plans to impact the community by empowering underrepresented communities within the Web3 space.


Key takeaways:

00:53  Bio

01:57  Kay’s journey into the metaverse 

03:44  “Old marketing rules” don’t apply 

04:47  Web2 Vs. Web3 marketing 

07:28  The power of storytelling 

09:23  Community is everything

11:12  Web3 podcasters – how to stay relevant 

12:21  The future of marketing – job opportunities and pioneering

15:21  Scams, frauds and safety precautions 

16:50  The future of the art market 

18:18  Women In NFT - empowerment group

21:48  Making an impact

22: 44 Stay in touch!


Kayla – Twitter 

Women in NFT – Twitter 

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