December 10, 2021

Investing and Winning Big in NFT Art

by Metaversable

Show Notes

This week on Metaversable, Ron and Chris are joined by Beez -- an early adopter of blue chip NFT art who's been investing in crypto since 2017. Beez is the best-selling author of the Financial Starter Kit and teaches people how to retire early by increasing their income and investing in the future. The trio talk NFT art, how to spot your next NFT investment, and making a real difference in communities by exploring the latest, hottest investment trends. Remember, this is not financial advice. Make your own hypothesis and share it with us!


Key Takeaways:

01:37  Bio

02:36  Buying a Bored Ape, and then another – Beez's NFT journey

09:25  Community and culture

11:55  Identifying winners

14:11  Kindom of Dwarves

15:30  The future in the Metaverse - a fully immersive experience

20:40  PFP

23:59  NFT impacts within the black community

26:12  The real world


29:15  Advice for the newcomers



Beez – Website | Twitter |Discord

Metaversable - Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

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