November 6, 2021

How NFTs are Changing the Game, Deeper Tones, Black Money

by Metaversable

In this episode Ron and Chris speak to NFT creator, artist and founder of Deeper Tones NFT collective, Adorable Jasmine. Adorable explains why block chain technology is a game changer for the underrepresented community and the endless possibilities that lie within. NOTICE: We are not financial advisors and are not endorsing any investments whatsoever.


0:55 Adorable Jasmine’s bio

1:46 Adorable’s journey into the metaverse

4:21 Creating art and the artistic process

8:57 Block chain technology: the future economy for the underrepresented

14:29 What is the technical barrier of entry for newcomers?

17:26 NFT: currency and opportunity

19:46 Pricing art and art projects in the NFT space

23:27 All aboard the NFT train

27:33 How to break into the Metaverse

31:45 Adorable’s Black Money project


Clubhouse: @adorablejasmine



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