October 21, 2021

Going Metaversable, NFT Art Royalties, and Trust in the Metaverse

by Metaversable

Show Notes

Today we follow Jackie through the Metaverse and unveil some details about the Metaversable project. Join the discord below! NOTICE: We are not financial advisors and are not endorsing any investments whatsoever.



1:12: Jackie’s cybersecurity background

4:00: Transacting safely in Solana 

7:29: What makes the Solana ecosystem and crypto different?

11:10: Changing the art industry - royalties 

13:07: Metaversable - helping to create trust in the ecosystem

15:37: Is there a sense of community and trust in the NFT and Solana space?

19:38  Jackie’s experience buying and flipping her first NFT art

23:14: Feelings on the NFT economy and its future

25:25: Is it too late to join? Is this an opportunity of a lifetime?

26:47: Jackie’s socials and outro 


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