February 2, 2022

Getting Brave with Web3

by Metaversable

Show Notes

Some companies are opposed to Web3, others are trying to adapt, and then there’s Brave – “The Trendsetter.” Ron and Chris and sit down with Donny Dvorin and Luke Mulks, VP Head of Sales and VP Business Operations at Brave Software, to talk about the future of Web3, Web3 browsing, cryptocurrency, and advertising.   

Key takeaways:

00:41  Brief Bio

01:23  Donny’s journey into the metaverse

05:28  Luke’s journey into the metaverse

09:02  Where do Brave and Web3 intersect?

13:57  The future of Web3 advertising 

16:29  Privacy, advertisements, and paid browsing 

21:47  The shift from “mainstream” advertising

24:50  Crypto isn’t going anywhere!

31:26  Empowerment


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