November 29, 2021

From Creating Harry Potter‘s Patronus to Building a Universe

by Metaversable

Show Notes

Ron and Chris sit down with award-winning artist, Shrimp, to discuss everything from creating Harry Potter's Patronus to building a universe.


Key Takeaways

00:54 Introducing Shrimp

01:33 Shrimp’s Hollywood background

04:20 Converging art and technology

07:27 How Shrimp defines the metaverse

10:14 Reality versus the metaverse

13:13 Shrimp’s corner

17:22 Creating Harry Potter’s Patronus 

21:30 What is Shrimp’s patronus? (Take a guess!)

26:40 How to start creating your own universe



Shrimp – Twitter 

Metaversable - Website | LinkedIn | Twitter


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