October 8, 2021

Enter the Metaverse with NFTs and Digital Art

by Metaversable

In episode one, Ron and Chris explore NFTs and digital art with Jason also known as 0xBanana. NOTICE: We are not financial advisors and are not endorsing any investments whatsoever.

1:18: What is the Metaverse?: 

2:04: Tumbling down the Metaverse “rabbit hole.”

3:00: What are Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) all about?

5:55: Is this just a fad? What’s the future of NFTs?

7:44: What future technologies/art are on the horizon?

9:30: What makes NFTs so exclusive/valuable?

11:34: How do art royalties work?

12:16: How do you verify authenticity for art, media, etc?

14:20: What is Solana and how does it relate to NFTs?

15:31: What is the NFT and Solana community like? 

16:55: How can we break into the Solana space?

18:33: What is the significance of a “drop?”

20:19: Flipping art 

21:52: NFT art drop best practices 

24:25: How does one become an artist in the space? 

26:01: Life changing realization

0xBanana:  Twitter  Art  Instagram  

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