December 17, 2021

Enter the Kingdom of Dwarves, NFT Communities, Doing Things Differently

by Metaversable

Show Notes

This week on Metaversable, Chris and Ron go into the depths of the Kingdom of Dwarves with one if its creators and Art Director, Evan Mayfield. They go over the creative journey of Evan’s past, what he’s involved in now, and what the future is for the Kingdom of Dwarves community and the NFT community as a whole.

Key Takeaways:

01:45 Bio

03:03 Season construct and the animation angle

05:54 The music, composed by Evan

09:30 Show us the dwarves! Creating and building the suspense

12:43 Evan’s senior project: a short film

18:36 Denial and submitting for an Academy Award anyway

23:40 The community and the Future

27:45 Get in Touch with Evan and the Kingdom of Dwarves


Evan Mayfield – LinkedIn | Website | Twitter | IMDb | Discord

Metaversable - Website | LinkedIn | Twitter  

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