October 30, 2021

A First NFT Art Drop Journey and Making the Metaverse Safe

by Metaversable

Show Notes

In this episode Ron and Chris interview serial founder, security pioneer, and artist Marcus J Carey. They speak about the Metaversable Project, the highly anticipated Unicorn Social Club drop and his beginnings as an artist. NOTICE: We are not financial advisors and are not endorsing any investments whatsoever.

0:53 Introducing Marcus

1:28 An artist is born

3:50 The Metaversable Project

7:27 The first NFT drop for Metaversable

13:20 Creating NFT Art for the masses with meaning

19:53 The security side of the Metaversable project

22:30 Protecting people in the metaverse 

23:18 Legacy in the metaverse

28:07 MetaversableU

29:27 Being on the ground floor o the Metaverse

30:07 Stay in Touch


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