November 11, 2021

The Next Generation of Hackers with Deviant Ollam

by Hacker Valley Red

Show Notes

In episode three of Hacker Valley Red, Chris and Ron are joined by Deviant Ollam, a hacker to the bone and one of Chris’ inspirations in security. Deviant is currently a physical penetration specialist with The CORE Group and the Director of Education for Red Team Alliance. He is also a master lock-picker and uses his skill to shape the future of physical security. The three discuss very important topics, such as the hacker’s mindset, what we can do to foster growth in the next generation of cyber professionals and how physical security is changing.


Key Takeaways:

03:32 Bio

05:30 Developing the hacker’s mindset

08:40 Hacking in the past vs. the present

11:05 Bringing creativity and freedom back to kids, ultimately freeing adults

17:00 Impactful tinkering

21:39 The difference in the means to get to the end

25:28 Progress in physical security

27:17 Staying ahead of criminal tactics and mindset

31:35 Advice for people who need to fail up

34:57 Get in touch




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