November 18, 2021

Hacking an Entire Industry with Alissa Knight

by Hacker Valley Red

Show Notes

Welcome back to Hacker Valley Red season two. This week Chris and Ron are joined by a hacker through and through. Alissa Knight blends influencer marketing, content creation in writing and filmmaking/cinematography, and go-to market strategies for telling brand stories at scale in cybersecurity through the lens of a hacker. She achieves this through ideation to execution of content strategy, storytelling, and execution of influencer marketing strategies that take cybersecurity buyers through your brand’s custom curated journey. But more importantly, she tells us what it takes to hack an entire industry...

Key Takeaways:


03:25 Bio

05:59 Why hacking?

07:32 What is FHIR? Hear how it was to hack it.

10:43 I’m just a hacker who did homework

13:50 Unexpected vulnerability

17:57 Support

20:22 How an API works

24:23 Input validation

29:28 A date worth more than oil

33:23 How to scale efforts


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