December 17, 2021

Hacker Valley Red Season 2 Finale

by Hacker Valley Red

Alissa Knight joins Ron and Chris to wrap up this season  2 of Hacker Valley Red. Why? Some big news is why! Stay tuned for that and much more as the trio dive back into the mind of a hacker.


Key Takeaways:

02:57 Big News!

03:20 Alissa's Bio, round 2

05:10 Ron’s takeaway for this season of Hacker Valley Red

06:43 Alissa’s take on Lisa Forte

09:30 “My content is different”

11:38 Hacking an entire industry and doing research with it

18:56 The generational difference – Past vs. Present

21:10 Alissa and the video world

23:49 The dream guest

26:13 Alissa asks the golden question



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Hacker Valley Red Season 2 Finale

December 17, 2021 Hacker Valley Red