December 3, 2021

Crowdsourcing Hackers with Dan Trauner

by Hacker Valley Red

Show Notes

This week on Hacker Valley Red, Chris and Ron are joined by Dan Trauner. Dan is Senior Director of Security at Axonius, and takes pleasure in breaking things to find creative ways to put them back together. The three colleagues discuss more technical specifics of a hacker’s mind, like how we can understand motive and deception, trends among attacks, and much more.  


Key Takeaways:

03:09 Bio

04:33 Where to start when you attack a computer – Finding weaknesses

10:20 Surprising Motives

13:00 Trends among security risks

14:34 Bitcoin & Crypto

16:26 The future of attacks

21:00 Reducing attack success

23:10 Understanding deception

27:50 Cohesion between red and blue teams



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