December 9, 2021

A Mind Hacked with Lisa Forte

by Hacker Valley Red

Show Notes

This episode is all about the hacked mind and who better to discuss it with than Lisa Forte. Lisa is a partner at Red Goat Cyber Security -- she started her career in counter piracy operations off the coast of Somalia and then worked her way to UK Counter Terrorism Policing. She continued her career in UK Police Cyber Crime Units and co-founded a movement called, “Respect in Security” to try and stamp out harassment and abuse in the infosec industry. This episode is a loaded weapon in the fight against insider threat.


Key Takeaways

2:11 Bio

2:42 Lisa’s favorite part of the job - working with Marines

5:07 What is insider threat?

6:04 An actual employee who got coerced

10:03 Surprising facts about attackers

12:30 Preventing insider threat

15:05 The attackers’ tactics and motivation

22:56 Respect in security - a company after harassment in cyber

26:20 Chris was manipulated on Myspace. What happened?


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