November 4, 2021

A Hacking Nation Personified with Charity Wright

by Hacker Valley Red

Show Notes

Charity Wright is a Threat Intelligence Analyst with over 20 years of experience in the intelligence community, including the US Army and the National Security Agency, where she translated Mandarin Chinese. Charity now specializes in strategic intelligence, dark web cybercrime, counter-disinformation, and at Recorded Future. Join Ron, Chris and Charity as they discuss all things nation state-level, what we can do to avoid bad habits as a community, and how we understand our enemy.

Key Takeaways:

03:12 Bio

04:16 China’s security threat to the U.S.

07:20 What are hackers’ motives?

12:30 China plays the long game, and it helps them

15:11 In regards to national security, can we learn from any other countries?

17:20 When the line between crime and nations blurs

23:24 Know thy enemy

28:47 Using high-level strategic intelligence

30:54 Get in touch with Charity!




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