April 15, 2022

One team One Fight With Christopher Peacock

by Hacker Valley Blue

Show Notes

In this episode of Hacker Valley Blue, host Davin is joined by Christopher Peacock, a Detection Engineer at SCYTHE, to discuss all things blue team. Christopher explores why asset management is a great security starting point for small organizations and why advanced persistent threats (APTs) are becoming increasingly difficult to defend against. He emphasizes the importance of red and blue team collaboration and takes time to share his career advice to those looking to break into the field.


Guest Bio: 

Chris is an Adversary Emulation - Detection Engineer at SCYTHE, specializing in Purple Team Exercises and Detection Engineering. His previous experience includes multiple roles such as Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, Cyber Threat Hunter, Tier 3 SOC Analyst, Incident Responder, Cyber Security Consultant, and Purple Team Lead. He previously worked at Raytheon Intelligence & Space as well as General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems. Additionally, he has experience in multiple industries, including Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Technology, and Defense. Current certifications include GCTI, GCFA, GCED, eJPT, and CSIS.



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