April 1, 2022

In The Cybersecurity Fast Lane with Marcus Bowie

by Hacker Valley Blue

Show Notes

In this episode of Hacker Valley Blue, Davin is joined by the founder and COO of MaxProd Technologies, Marcus Bowie, to share his story from helpdesk, to SOC analyst, to business owner. Marcus shares how he leveraged his resourcefulness and work ethic to fast track his on-the-job work experience. Marcus explores how he strived for success, built on his knowledge over time, and pivoted to new job opportunities along the way. He takes a deep dive into how he and blue teams stay sharp and prepared against emerging threats as well as his thoughts on the skills gap in cybersecurity. Lastly, Marcus gives his tips and advice for newcomers breaking into the field. 


Guest Bio:

Founder and COO of MaxProd Technologies. Marcus has 12+ years of experience in Information Technology. He has supported several agencies including Department of State Diplomat Security and Department of Homeland Security Customs Border & Patrol. Marcus is now supporting the Department of Energy as a Cyber Security Engineer and Nuclear Regulatory Commission as a Forensics SME. 



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