April 22, 2022

Human-centric Security With McKenna Yeakey

by Hacker Valley Blue

Show Notes

In this episode of Hacker Valley Blue, host Davin is joined by McKenna Yeakey, a Corporate Security Engineer at Plaid, to discuss the importance of human-centric security. Mckenna explores the “human” aspects of her job and why end user impact plays such a major role in her decision making. She shares how she leverages her natural curiosity and problem solving skills to perform the ins and outs of threat intel as well as her thoughts on The Great Resignation and skill gaps in cybersecurity. Lastly, McKenna expresses her passion for mentoring the next generation of cyber professionals and her tips for newcomers in the field. 


Guest Bio: 

Mckenna Yeakey is a Corporate Security Engineer in the FINTECH industry. She leverages her technical skills and domain knowledge to bring value to the organization and the cybersecurity community. She is also a very active member of the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu, Cybersecurity Gatebreakers Foundation, and an SME for CompTIA.



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