October 18, 2021

Being the Charles Xavier of Cyber with Marcus Carey

by Hacker Valley Blue

Show Notes

Know thy organization is key! Wise words from the powerful Marcus J. Carey.  Don’t be afraid to admit the bad stuff and be honest about the situation.  Most of the time people get fired because they are scared to admit the failure.  

You have to build a tight network of people you trust who will be brutally honest with you.  You need those people who are going to tell you the truth.  Other people will see your superpowers before you do. Superman didn’t know he was different, but others saw the differences and the strengths he didn’t even realize he had.  Always pay attention to how people react to what you do, then you will figure out what you are really good at.  We over emphasize what we suck at and ignore what we are good at.  Don’t do that. You need to understand how amazing, awesome and beautiful you are.  Double down and double down hard.  Do not be afraid to show your talents and be confident in your superpower.  

In security, there is a role for everybody.


Key Takeaways:


1:40 In this episode

2:12 Welcome

3:40 Marcus background

4:57 What lead Marcus to cyber

7:09 Self discovery

9:48 Creations and inventions

14:22 Gathering and retaining information

17:53 Auxiliary skill

21:35 Abilities and mission

25:26 Overlooked areas

31:44 Advice to others

35:41 Staying up-to-date with Marcus




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