November 8, 2022

Supply Chain Security & Zero Trust Tech with Ashish Rajan & Shilpi Bhattacharjee

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

Hacker Valley: On the Road is a curated collection of conversations that Chris and Ron have had during conferences and events around the globe. In this episode, Cloud Security Podcast’s Ashish Rajan and Shilpi Bhattacharjee speak with the Hacker Valley team at AISA CyberCon in Melbourne, Australia. Ashish and Shilpi discuss their respective talks on supply chain security and zero trust technology, SBOMs, and keynote speakers at this year’s Cybercon worth noting for the audience at home.


Timecoded Guide:

[00:00] Connecting & conversing at a cyber conference post-COVID

[06:50] Breaking down Shilpi’s presentation on supply chain threats & attacks

[11:45] Understanding the paradoxes & limitations of zero trust with Ashish’s talk

[26:13] Defining & explaining SBOM, or Software Bill of Materials 

[33:16] Noticing key conversations & trends for those who didn’t attend AISA Cybercon


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Shilpi, can you talk about the idea behind the talk you had at CyberCon? 

The inspiration behind Shilpi’s conference talk was supply chain issues. Titling her talk, “Who’s Protecting Your Software in Supply Chain,” Shilpi hoped to further educate and advocate for security in the supply chain process. An estimated one in two companies will experience a supply chain attack in the coming years. Instead of fearing such a statistic, Shilpi hopes her talk inspired further security action to protect our supply chains. 

“One staggering fact that I read is that one in every two companies is going to have some sort of a supply chain attack in the next three years. So, who's going to look after the supply chain? Is it going to be the organization? Is it going to be your third-party vendors?” —Shilpi


Ashish, what about your talk at Cybercon?

In contrast, Ashish’s talk was about the triple paradox of zero trust. When talking about and implementing zero trust, Ashish realized many companies don’t implement the cultural changes needed for zero trust and/or only talk about zero trust as a technology process. Zero trust has numerous layers beyond technology, and requires time and major changes in culture and technology to implement in most companies. 

“I feel bad for bashing on finance, marketing, and HR teams. They're all smart people, but if you're going to add four or five layers of security for them, they almost always say, ‘I just want to do my job. I don't really care about this. It's your job to do security.’” —Ashish


Where would you recommend starting when it comes to trying to implement the ideas in your respective talks?

When push comes to shove about where cyber companies can start first with supply chain and zero trust, Ashish and Shilpi agree that companies have to discuss business priorities. When company leaders can take the opportunity to look at and understand their cyber hygiene, the next steps might look very different from another company’s tactics. Knowing what a business has is the foundational piece that impacts any new process in cyber. 

“If I were to go back to the first principle of what we do with cybersecurity professionals, one of the biggest assets that we're all trying to protect is data. You can't protect what you can't see, that's the foundational piece.” —Ashish


For anyone that wasn't able to make the conference, what is one thing that you would want to share with the audience at home? 

There were a lot of conversations taking place at Cybercon this year. Ashish wants the audience at home to know that cloud native, zero trust, supply chain, and leadership positions like CISOs were the main themes in many talks, panels, and conversations. Shilpi wants those who couldn’t attend to watch out for more talks and conversations about cyber from those outside of the industry to understand that the issues impacting cyber influence the world. 

“I think there's that interest about cybersecurity being more than just a cybersecurity problem. Cybersecurity is not just a technical problem, it's a societal problem, a cultural problem. I very much agree, because a lot of the things that we're dealing with impacts everyone.” —Shilpi



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