July 15, 2021

QuickQ: What is Threat Intelligence?

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

Today’s guests are our very own hosts!  Ron and Chris.  Together they tackle everything that surrounds threat intelligence by answering both the hard and easy questions.

Between the stories they share about past experiences, and the facts behind threat intelligence, you will learn something new, and that’s a promise!

In essence, threat intelligence is taking the information about threats or things that can go wrong and applying it to their network and company.  It’s the processing, collection and analyzation of data to understand threat actors, motives, targets and attack behaviors. 


Key Takeaways


1:10 Episode starts

2:39 Threat intelligence

3:00 Ron & Chris share what threat intelligence means to them

6:33 Organizations and threat intelligence

8:39 Back in the day

12:54 Benefits of threat intelligence

15:08 Skills needed to be in threat intelligence

19:22 Networking

23:34 E.A.S.Y.



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