July 30, 2021

QuickQ: What is Threat Hunting?

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

In this episode of Hacker Valley, Chris and Ron are joined by a familiar friend, Valentina Palacín, who you might have heard on HVS Blue season 1. Valentina is an author, public speaker, self-taught developer, and Threat Operations lead at Marqeta Incorporated, armed with a background in translation and interpretation. 

Join Chris, Ron and Valentina for this round-table masterclass in all things Threat Hunting to discuss the questions you may be asking yourself:

What is Threat Hunting? How do you become a Threat Hunter? What’s it like to be in the shoes of a Threat Hunter? Or work with one? 


Key Takeaways:


0:00 Welcome to the podcast!

1:10 Introduction/ Bio

2:55 What is Threat Hunting?

5:25 Chris’ take on working with a Threat Hunter (Ron)

7:08 Valentina’s Threat Hunting flow

9:18 Ron and Valentina talk about progressions in Threat Intelligence

12:20 The group talks about the ideal characteristics of a Threat Hunter in both junior and senior level positions

18:00 How to get into Threat Hunting

20:55 Get in touch with Valentina!


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